In an effort to improve the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists in the area of the Pomona Road and Vera King Farris Drive entrance of Stockton University, the intersection was given a $1.3 million dollar makeover that includes a brand-new traffic light.

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The project reportedly marks its completion today.

The intersection has been converted from a single stop sign to a full traffic signal that will hopefully reduce the number of accidents.

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Google Maps

Pomona Road itself has also been made wider and given a dedicated southbound left-turn lane and northbound right-turn lane onto Vera King Farris Drive at the university's entrance.

Among some of the intersections other improvements are new street lighting, upgraded high-visibility crosswalks, accessible curb ramps, and reportedly more advanced pedestrian signals with audible and vibrotactile indicators that meet ADA standards.

In a statement, Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson said,

Stockton University is a thriving institution that is attracting increasing numbers of students and visitors. These improvements will help ensure a safer flow of traffic into and out of campus and better protect those traveling by car, bicycle or on foot.

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