The 4th Annual Stockton University Foundation, “Osprey's Give” fundraising event has raised a record $116,337 in just 24 hours between October 6-7, 2021.

A record 763 donors contributed this year. It continues to demonstrate the profound respect and support that Stockton University receives from the community.

The theme of this year’s fundraising effort was centered around Stockton University’s 50th Anniversary.

Dr. Harvey Kesselman - President - Stockton University
Dr. Harvey Kesselman - President - Stockton University

Nearly $40,000 was received in matching and challenge gifts from alumni, friends, faculty, and staff. The matches and challenges support a number of worthwhile initiatives including the University’s forthcoming Multicultural Center, student study tours, and Veterans’ programs.

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We are pleased to announce that the “Hurley in the Morning” Charity is writing a $3,500 Grant to The Stockton University Foundation to fund:

The Harvey Kesselman First Gen Fund = $1,500

The Joan Fineran Nursing Scholarship = $1,000 to replenish this continuing, annual Grant partnership.

Patrick McCormick is presently working with the Stockton University Foundation to create the Dr. Larry J. Macaluso Scholarship.

Dr. Larry J. Macaluso, 68, formerly of Galloway Township, passed away on August 19, 2021, at Fox Chase Jeanes Campus in Philadelphia, after a lengthy illness.

Upon its formal establishment, we will write a  $1,000 Grant to help get this scholarship started.

The Hurley Charity has also written two previous Grants to Stockton University during 2021.

Dr. Howard and Gayle Grosslongtime supporters of Stockton University, designed a challenge to support the Osprey Pantry, Stockton’s newly expanded food pantry. 

Ospreys Give provided an opportunity for us to offer a challenge gift to benefit the Food Assistance Program, and to inspire others to join us,” the couple said. “Together, we raised nearly $4,000 to help alleviate food insecurity, and had a truly meaningful experience.”

Donors also supported specific academic, student, and athletic programs as well as the general Stockton Fund.

Donna Buzby, chair of the Stockton University Foundation Board of Directors, said the Foundation is grateful for the ongoing support of the Stockton community

“The generosity of our supporters made this an exciting and successful event and a fitting tribute for Stockton’s 50th anniversary of teaching this year,” Buzby said. “The funds raised help support more students and provide new opportunities for them.”

Donations are still being accepted. For more information or to donate visit

SOURCE: Stockton University, Dr. Harvey Kesselman.

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