SEASIDE HEIGHTS — Just when you thought the internet couldn't handle more Chris Christie... one more image of the governor enjoying the beach is making the rounds.

Piictures of the governor and his family sitting on an otherwise empty, Island Beach State Park went went viral this weekend — over indignation the governor could enjoy the state park while it was shut down with the rest of the state government. They prompted memes and Photoshop masterpieces.

But none had the 3D "pop" of a colorful sand sculpture that turned up in Seaside Heights.

The sculpture shows the governor sitting on a beach chair — much as he's seen in aerial pictures by NJ Advance Media — with "I (heart) NJ" on the back. He's wearing the baseball cap spokesperson Brian Murray joked about when confronted about why Christie told reporters he didn't get any sun on Sunday. "He did not get any sun, He had a baseball hat on," Murray now-infamously said.

And the sand Christie was seated next to a shark, because ... why not? It was signed "@thebikiniboys." Judging by the Instagram account of the same name, they've been keeping busy.

Lifeguards told NBC 4 New York the artists, named Larry and Tom, began their work at 9 a.m. and were done by 1 p.m.

Seaside Heights Director of Special Events Mike Graichen told the Townsquare News Network the sculpture was not sanctioned by the borough and was done privately.

Comments about the sculpture were almost uniformly critical of Christie.

"I thought seeing him jumping up and down like a buffoon in the Cowboys owner's luxury box was bad optics. .... this takes the cake," Donna Beach commented on the Jersey Shore Hurricane News Facebook page. "This is great .... but he had a hat on so he didn't get any sun," Marilyn Elkland Orthouse commented.

Christie had at least one supporter in the comments.

"Too bad it had a bad artist, it doesn't look like C.C., he guards the Jersey Shore with all his heart and soul."

The sculpture was destroyed by the end of the day, according to NBC 4 New York.

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