In a breaking news report, “Hurley in the Morning” has learned and confirmed that New Jersey State Senator Michael Testa, R-1, and his LD1 team will be launching an economic recovery task force.

I have written and spoken often about our present challenging times. About how the coronavirus global pandemic has brought out the very best and worst in people.

While some have choked under pressure, Senator Testa has risen to the occasion from the very beginning; Demonstrating a sharp focus and implementing a series of best practices every step of the way.

Testa has also shown a willingness to put political party affiliation aside. He has worked effectively with Governor Phil Murphy, in the best interests of the citizens of New Jersey.

This is so very important as many people and business owners are hurting badly during the lingering Coronavirus pandemic.

As residents and businesses work hard to do their part in slowing the spread of COVID-19 in South Jersey, Senator Michael Testa and his team are planning and offering their blueprint for the reopening of our economy.

Testa, along with Assemblymen Erik Simonsen and Antwan McClellan, will soon announce the formation of an Economic Recovery Task Force to lay the groundwork for businesses in South Jersey to be ready to reopen in as healthy a condition as possible.

I had the opportunity to talk in advance with Testa about their upcoming initiative.

“As a small business owner myself, I’m fully aware of the sacrifices our local companies are making to rightly adhere to the restrictions of Governor Murphy’s COVID State of Emergency,” said Senator Testa. “This Task Force is being established to help businesses navigate the myriad loan and grant programs being made available at both the state and federal level.”

Senator Testa will be our guest on “Hurley in the Morning,” on Thursday, April 16, 2020 for the 9:00 a.m. hour.

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