Yesterday, we thoroughly disproved Bill Hughes' allegations against Congressman Frank LoBiondo with incontrovertible facts.

Much to my surprise, despite this, Hughes continues to stand by his false allegations.

If you missed yesterday's lengthy investigative report, Hughes made an incendiary allegation last Friday on "Hurley in the Morning" that Congressman LoBiondo had played a political shell game for political gain by misusing a sick child who had been poisoned by Mercury.

I still can't believe Hughes said this. But, he did and to this moment, he stands by it.

In 2007, LoBiondo introduced H.R. 2813, the "Children's Mercury Exposure Act." It was co-sponsored by 5 members of Congress, including Congressman Rob Andrews (D) and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the current Chairwoman of the democratic National Committee. It has always been bi-partisan in nature, until now, years after the fact and only for the political contest of 2014.

Hughes has accused LoBiondo of faking an appropriation of $ 1 million dollars to fund a study on the mercury poisoning of children. Hughes' claim is that LoBiondo played a dirty shell game by faking the $ 1 million dollar appropriation, only to immediately decreasing it by the same $ 1 million dollars, thereby leaving ZERO dollars for the sick children.

It rises to one of the nastiest campaign attacks in Atlantic County history.

And, it is a patently false charge.

What really happened is this:

LoBiondo was able to successfully amend the 2008 Department of the Interior, Environment & Related Appropriations bill on the floor of the House of Representatives to direct $1 million dollars in funding for this noble purpose. I will prove this with more incontrovertible evidence shortly. It's really important to set the record straight here.

The bottom line here is: LoBiondo did fund mercury research and he found a way to do it without increasing the federal budget or deficit. The full House of Representatives subsequently approved the LoBiondo appropriations bill.

Hughes brought up litigation that followed this issue. It's the only thing that he has been even remotely correct about regarding this issue. However, Hughes either doesn't know, or, failed to mention the reason for the litigation. I have now spent more than 20 hours investigated this issue and Hughes' false allegations and attacks against Congressman LoBiondo. I have also determined the truth about the litigation regarding the Kiddie Kollege and the Mercury poisoning issue.

LoBiondo delivered the $1 million dollars in The House of Representatives. The measure failed in the United States Senate, where Democrats hold the majority.

You simply can't hold LoBiondo accountable for what the Democrats in the Senate once again failed the American people.

I promised earlier that I would prove that LoBiondo secured the $1 million dollars. There is no doubt that LoBiondo achieved this. It should be noted that LoBiondo achieved this, despite the fact that Congressman Norman Dicks, then Chairman of the appropriations committee initially objected to LoBiondo's amendment to procure these much-needed funds.

During LoBiondo's very persuasive House floor speech, Chairman Dicks, a Democrat, backed off and offered his and he spoke for the (then) majority, that they would support the $1 million dollars for Mercury research.

And, by all means, I don't want you to take my word and vast research for it -- I combed the files of C-SPAN Founder Brian Lamb, and, I have uncovered LoBiondo's House Floor speech from more than 7 years ago.

If you would like to get a jump on this, the link to the absolute proof that Hughes is dead wrong regarding his series of false allegations can be directly viewed here. You can fast forward the video to the 7:19 mark and this will take you to when Congressman LoBiondo asked to take the floor and speak about his amendment to achieve $1 million dollars in mercury funding for children directly affected by a school that was placed on a mercury contaminated site.


I am once again asking for candidate Bill Hughes to man-up and take down his outrageous allegations versus Congressman LoBiondo. There's no place for such conduct.