In the past, we have shared that we believe that the absolute best meatball parmesan sub can be found at Pete’s Sub Shop in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

If you missed our previous coverage about this, here is a link to catch-up:

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Now, we can reveal what we believe to be the absolute best cheesesteak sub that is available in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area.

The undisputed, best of the best cheesesteak sub is prepared 7 days at the legendary The White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Shown above and here below, is a perfect The White House Sub Shop specimen, depicted in a photo taken by the late Sam Clerico.

It displays all of the ingredients in such an appealing way:

  • Steak
  • Cheese
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Atlantic City sub roll
Sam Clerico photo.
Sam Clerico photo.

You cannot overstate how significant the Atlantic City sub bread is. No one outside of Formica - Freitag Bakery and Rando Bakery can make this special bread.

Rando has been making theirs since 1909.

Formica - Freitag Bakery since 1919. They bill themselves as Home of "The Original" Atlantic City Bread.

Without this legendary Atlantic City sub bread … a sub would be just a sandwich.

The White House Sub Shop agrees with our assessment about the Atlantic City sub bread saying:

“When it comes to quality subs, we feel that the bread is as important as the meats, cheeses and toppings that go into it. That's why we make fresh, top-quality bread the foundation of all of our delicious subs. Come taste the difference exceptional bread and fresh ingredients can make when combined with traditional New Jersey submarine recipes,” said the White House Sub Shop.

Regarding The White House Sub Shop, the general consensus is that they are the most iconic sub shop of all-time.

Here is this best description about The White House Sub Shop and it comes directly from the family:

The White House Sub Shop was opened in October 1946 by Anthony Basile. Along with his Aunt Basilia and Uncle Fritz Sacco, the store became one of the most popular sub shops in the country. It was their dedication and hard work that gave the White House the reputation that it has today. In 1946, our parents were committed to bringing you the best sandwich made with the choicest meats. Today, we, their children, are committed to maintaining that same tradition of excellence created by our parents. Sincerely, The Basile & Sacco-Conley Families and the White House Gang.

The White House Sub Shop has two locations in Atlantic City:

White House Sub Shop photo.
White House Sub Shop photo.

When you go to the White House Sub Shop, the walls are adorned with amazing history:

The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, Tony Orlando, "Dr. J" Julius Erving and so many more.

Congratulations to this iconic sub shop … The White House Sub Shop, winners of our best cheesesteak sub award.

Bon appétit.

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Gallery Credit: Harry Hurley

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