In perhaps the most negative campaign in Margate City Commission election history … the citizen voters have selected the entire Column B slate of Maury Blumberg, Catherine Horn and Michael Collins.

It’s important to note that Blumberg, Horn and Collins did not run a negative campaign and the negative campaign lasted through the final weekend of the campaign.

I have obtained the machine totals. After all of the negativity, it wasn’t even close (see below):

Harry Hurley, TSM.
Harry Hurley, TSM.

The above totals do not include the vote-by-mail ballots, which when they are added will not change the results of today’s election.

There are approximately 500 vote-by-mail ballots, that are likely equally divided between the two opposing tickets.

The margin of victory will stay roughly where it is now.

The new three member Margate City Commission should take office one week from today.

Blumberg has served on the Margate City Commission since 2007 … for a total of 16 years.

Today, Blumberg has achieved a very rare feat … winning 5 consecutive Margate City Commission elections.

The new three member Margate City Commission will hold a reorganization meeting to select a new Mayor and appoint certain professionals.

The term for this non-partisan office is 4 years.

The win for Blumberg - Horn - Collins is particularly gratifying because of the negative tone that they faced during this hard-fought campaign.

Here’s exactly what victory looked like in Margate City tonight.

Pictured below are the new Margate City Commissioners-elect:

Blumberg - Horn - Collins photo.
Blumberg - Horn - Collins photo.

The campaign is now behind them and shortly, the hard part will begin … they are responsible to govern for the next four years.

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