How healthy is your city, town, or region here in New Jersey?

Some interesting facts came out of a study that was conducted by Leafwell that used Google searches for health-related products, places, and diets to determine the city town or region in New Jersey with the healthiest lifestyle.

As a base, Leafwell used 305 search terms such as gym and health clubs near me, how to remove belly fat, skin care products and aging creams, exercise, dieting and meditation plus many others.

These searches were then weighted based on searches per population and the results were determined.

Coming in at number 5 as the healthiest in New Jersey is Woodbury with 1602 and 1595 searched per 10,000 people. The most searched phrase in Woodbury was locating “gym near me.”

Number 4 as the healthiest in New Jersey is Burlington with 1834 searches per month per 10,000 people. As with Woodbury, the most searched phrase was locating “gym near me.”

Westwood comes in at number 3 with the two most searched phrases as locating “gym near me” and “Mediterranean diet.”

At number 2 as the healthiest city, town, or region in New Jersey is Freehold with a monthly search rate of 1980 searches per 10,000 people and the top two most searched phrases were “gym near me” and “healthy food near me.”

The number one healthiest city, town, or region in New Jersey is Tinton Falls.

Tinton Falls had an impressive average of 2,911 times per month, per 10,000 people and a total average of 5,665 searches per month over the past 12 months. That is quite a few searches. The top two most downloaded phrases were locating “gym near me” and “healthy food near me.”

Rounding out the rest of the top ten healthiest in New Jersey, Red Bank, Woodland Park, Hackettstown, Ridgefield, and Ocean City and all of them had “gym near me” as the most searched with most looking for “healthy food near me” as their second most popular search.

Just for the record the least healthiest cities towns, or regions in New Jersey are Newark coming in second to last, and Union City which garnered only 292 searches per 10,000 people is the least healthy here in New Jersey.

While we love our food here in New Jersey, there is a trend of eating a little healthier and searching for ways to stay younger, and stronger, and be able to enjoy the best out of our life here in New Jersey.

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