Summer in Atlantic City is about to get more exciting. An indoor go-kart track will be opening soon where you can indulge in some friendly racing action.

I live for go-karting! I swear I bought a Mini Cooper because it feels like driving a street-legal go-kart. So, I'll be counting the days until this course opens in A.C.

It's called The Raceway, and where it's going is just adding on to an existing amusement complex called Lucky Snake Arcade, located inside Showboat Hotel.

The Lucky Snake Arcade/Facebook
The Lucky Snake Arcade/Facebook

And, this attraction is going to be HUGE. Drivers will be given 40,000 square feet of track to race electric go-karts on, according to

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The Raceway reportedly boasts Italian-made, high-performance go-karts that zip you through an 'Escape Las Vegas' theme, and driver helmets include hi-tech cameras that video your racing experience.

And, GET THIS! The Raceway even has plans to form its own go-kart league, reports.

The Raceway is slated to open in May, and it's encouraging to see more family-friendly fun coming to Atlantic City. Lucky Snake Arcade is already the largest of its kind on the East Coast, so The Raceway's just going to make it that much more amazing!

Lucky Snake Arcade is located inside Showboat Hotel at 801 Boardwalk, Atlantic City.

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