United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew, R-NJ-2 has issued blistering public comments about the thousands of air travelers  who have been left stranded due to President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates … and the impact his decisions are having on everything from the supply chain to airline industry.

“If the Biden Administration continues to force vaccine mandates on Americans, this is only the beginning," said Congressman Van Drew.

"This is government overreach like we have never seen before. Our nation is already facing a trucker shortage, and now we are witnessing a staffing shortage with our airlines.

If these cancellations were caused by the Biden Administration forcing the hand of airlines to mandate that their employees get vaccinated, the American people should not have to bear the cost of cancelled flights.

Thousands of people were forced to sleep on airport floors and wait hours to retrieve their luggage - this is unacceptable. If these vaccine mandates persist, we will continue to see the number of strikes rise, services will continually be harder to come by, and it's all because people are tired of the government interfering in their everyday lives,” said Van Drew.

The Biden Administration has started to prepare the American people to expect various shortages this upcoming holiday season.

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Inflation is spiraling upward and out of control. Gasoline prices are soaring. Food prices and availability are becoming a constant challenge.

Walmart and Costco are preparing to set limits on the purchase of various paper products.

In just 9 months, America has gone from energy independent and a net energy exporter … to begging OPEC to open its oil spigots wider.

Supply chain problems are projected to persist into 2022.

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