Serious degradation within the Atlantic City Professional Fire Department

We have spoken on-air and written here about a number of indefensible shortages within the Atlantic City Professional Firefighters.

Here is the latest series of disgraceful realities.

We have learned and confirmed the following ... and, get ready ... because you’ll need a score card to keep track of the ripple effect that is presently going on.

An email was sent to Atlantic City Commanders. There is a serious shortage of required apparatus due to mechanical failures.

It’s become so bad at this point that both Ventnor and Margate apparatus are saving the day for the citizens of Atlantic City.

This is the present reality.

Atlantic City Engine 5 is running with Ventnor equipment, seen below.

Photo provided exclusively to Harry Hurley

Atlantic City Engine 6 is presently being served by Margate equipment, pictured here:

Photo exclusively provided to Harry Hurley

We’re not done, yet.

Engine 3 is currently running with Engine 6.

Engine 2 is currently running with Engine 23.

It’s also very important to note that at the present time there are no reserve engines.

This has reached the crisis stage.

The City of Atlantic City must address these serious deficiencies.

We reached out to John Varallo, President of the Atlantic City Professional Firefighters, Local 198 for a comment.

Varallo politely confirmed the accuracy of our report and said:

“First and foremost, my members and I are extremely thankful that Margate and Ventnor have offered assistance in our time of need. There is no doubt this is an extremely serious situation,” said Varallo.

“Its time we put all of our heads together and correct this dangerous situation. I am confident that will happen immediately,” said Varallo.

It must.

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