We've had conversations over the years about "community policing" and a return to cops walking the streets to keep the peace.

In Atlantic City last month, Police Officer Riley Flynn was patrolling an area on Maryland Avenue when he came upon a commotion on the sidewalk. Approaching the scene he saw a young woman hanging out of a second-floor window of a house clearly on fire with black smoke pouring out.

The officer without hesitation, kicked through the front door, raced up the stairs, and got the teen to safety. As heroic as that is, the officer wasn't finished. He promptly returned to the smoke-filled residence going through the home to save the family's four pets.

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Atlantic City Officer runs into burning home to rescue teen and pets (Screen grabs from the "ACPD Officer Rescues Teenager and Animals from House Fire" video via the Atlantic City Police Department on YouTube)

Thanks to Officer Riley Flynn, one family in New Jersey can pick up the pieces of a damaged home but can rest easy knowing their teen daughter, three dogs, and cat will be OK.

Check out the body cam video here:

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