The U.S. Coast Guard rescued two fishermen from icy waters in South Jersey on Saturday night.

The men were in a 16-foot jon boat that became disabled in a marshy area around 11:35 p.m. After they called 911 on a cell phone, the Coast Guard station in Atlantic City sent a helicopter and located the small fishing boat around 2 a.m.

Coast Guard spokesman David Metcalf said he wasn't sure what the two men were doing out so late. He did not know the ages of the men whose identities Metcalf did not disclose.

The two were taken to the airport in New Castle, Delaware.

The Coast Guard credited the efforts of the Delaware State Police and their partner agencies in finding the men who endured sub-zero temperatures.

The men were also credited for wearing proper protective equipment. No injuries were reported and no fuel was spilled in the incident.


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