New Jersey will remain uncomfortably cold on Monday, as temperatures remain well below normal and a Wind Advisory remains in effect for the entire state.

As expected, Sunday turned out to be New Jersey's coldest day of the fall season so far. In fact, with a high temperature of 43 degrees at Newark, it was our coldest day since early March! Both Monday and Tuesday are going to stay on the chilly side, with only slow improvements as we approach midweek and the Thanksgiving holiday.

Let's break down today's forecast by answering some frequently answered questions...

When will the snow/rain stop?

Yet another band of light snow was moving through New Jersey early Monday morning. While no additional accumulation is expected, you may encounter some snowflakes on the morning commute.

But this should be the finale of this particular storm system, among the last bands of precipitation to affect NJ. I can't rule out a few flurries or snow showers for the rest of Monday (especially in North Jersey), but our general rule will be decreasing clouds. Yes, that means the sun should make its grand appearance by this afternoon just about everywhere in the Garden State.

When will the wind finally die down?

The bottom line: you're going to continue to get smacked in the face by that cold wind through Tuesday night.

The culprit for the wind is the pressure gradient. The deep low pressure that arrived this weekend is setting up a tight pressure gradient leading to prolonged gusty winds.

Gusts on Monday will peak at about 40 mph - a Wind Advisory continues until Monday evening (6 or 7 p.m. depending on your county). While the wind will lighten up a bit Monday night, a stiff breeze of 10 to 20 mph will still push wind chills into the 20s overnight. Tuesday's wind may once again gust to 30 or 40 mph, before things finally settle down Tuesday night through Wednesday morning.

When will it warm up?

Hmmm... Let me get my calendar... When does summer start again? June?

Seriously, though. We are now fully entrenched in a wintertime weather pattern that will keep temperatures chilly for the foreseeable future. In fact, each of the next seven days (at least) will feature low temperatures below freezing and high temperatures at or below normal for late November.

Keep in mind... The chilly air means that any upcoming storm system will have the potential to cause wintry weather, especially if it arrives at night.

How's the Thanksgiving travel forecast shaping up?

Eh. Another storm system is scheduled to arrive between Wednesday night and Thursday. The exact timing of that system and the precise temperature setup will dictate whether snow, rain or a little bit of both get in the way of Thanksgiving.

At the moment, I'm leaning toward this system delivering mostly rain, mostly on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day). However, keep in mind that confidence remains low, as this forecast could still evolve significantly as the week presses on. In other words, this system could wiggle in any direction and ultimately present New Jersey with a very different weather forecast.

Obviously, this is one of the most important forecasts of the year. And obviously, we'll keep you posted on any wiggles or changes.

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