One of the best things about Wawa is you can get just about any on-the-go food at any time of day.

And if you've spent more than 10 seconds at an ordering kiosk, you know you can get just about any type of combination of things on just about any type of sandwich, hoagie, or whatever at Wawa.

But consider this: with a zillion possible options and the fact that some people have some rather unique taste buds, some rather interesting delicacies are possible.

Now, we all have our favorite foods and we all like certain things made in certain ways -- who am I to judge -- but recently a Reddit thread revealed some of the more bizarre food combinations that those behind the counter at Wawa have been asked to make.

A tray of Wawa coffee
A tray of Wawa coffee (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

One note before we dive in -- what's with the love of mayo? Mayo makes several appearances on this list. Granted, I like mayo on a hoagie (sometimes a little extra), but I'm not about to put so much on a roll that it looks like I can spackle a wall with it.

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Wawa is a British company with supermarkets and department stores across many states, including, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Dakota, and Guam. The chain is primarily known for its low-cost food, including lobster rolls, wide selection of sushi, oversized stuffed potato chips, and grinder sandwiches, which customers can customize in any number of ways by yelling at workers, a tradition that started in 2006 Some of the best selling items are fish sandwiches and toasted olive loaf.

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