You ask anybody in New Jersey what they think of Atlantic City and you'll get as many answers as there are planks in their long boardwalk.

Most people think of glittering casinos in a partially blighted city that has seen it's fortunes ebb and flow almost as much as the daily tides in the AC inlet. Last year the city took in over $3 billion in gaming revenue for the first time in eight years, even though it has fewer casinos than then.

Lots of visitors to AC don't know how much more the city has to offer in restaurants, history, scenery, breweries, distilleries, water sports and more.

Most people drive into a casino parking garage, go into a casino or the beach or boardwalk, and then head back out, thinking the rest of the city is a dangerous urban landscape. Some of it is for sure, but most of it is not and worth exploring. Atlantic City is like that relative that you visit once or twice a year out of habit, but it's still part of your life in some way. We asked people what they think of when you hear the words Atlantic City, here's what we got.

  • THE BOARDWALK LADY...Her name was Tina Tate and she had no joints in her body. She played the organ with her tongue on a gurney on the boardwalk for years.
  • GREAT HOTEL ROOM BARGAINS...If you go during the week and especially around Christmas, you can stay in luxury for cheap.
  • CHEF VOLA'S...It's a family style, limited menu legend that only takes reservations from people who've been recommended by previous customers. It's in an old shore style house near the beach.
  • JETTY FISHING FOR STRIPED BASS...The one- time East Coast Record striper was caught here in 1982 at 78 pounds. The record stood for about 40 years. Great fishing on the north end of town.
  • RUNNING THE BOARDWALK...The city has done a great job putting on many annual running events on the famed boardwalk.
  • THE STEEL PIER...It's legendary and iconic with real helicopter rides, a wedding venue at the end of the pier and a new towering observation wheel with 40 climate controlled gondolas.
  • THE FREE BEACH...One of only a handful of free beaches in the state, but with several beach bars, concerts and lots of activity.
  • REAL ESTATE BARGAINS...If you look around, you'll find amazing property values in some really nice parts of town.

Atlantic City

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