Our wonderful team of “foodies,” consisting mostly of family members and friends never disappoints.

We have assembled our own comparative analysis of the best (seafood) crabs in the Atlantic City area, with a focus on featuring a diverse selection of all different types.

Additionally, we included crabs from Baltimore, Maryland and Atlanta, Georgia.

The rest are from the Atlantic City, New Jersey area.

Immediately after this brief article about the topic, we provide you with a nice photo gallery below, with detailed and fun descriptions that will give you a look at a wide variety of delicious crabs.

There is something here for all crab lovers everywhere!

The various crabs pictured here were directly caught and/or purchased in Atlantic City, Cape May City, Margate, Somers Point, along with Baltimore, Atlanta, and more.

We believe that eating crabs is more than just a meal, it’s an experience.

For example, eating hard shell crabs, or, any other variety together is a wonderful family and friends event.

And, for those who love to eat them, but, prefer not to do the work, we have an excellent example in our gallery of colossal crab meat from a great restaurant in Margate, New Jersey (see below).

Harry Hurley, TSM.
Harry Hurley, TSM.
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Get ready, because after reading the descriptions and seeing the fabulous examples of delectable seafood crabs pictured here immediately below, you’re going to want some ASAP.

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