The trial of an Atlantic City, New Jersey Councilman has taken an unexpected turn.

Atlantic City Councilman Muhammad 'Anium' Zia is fighting for his elected position … as charges about his residency play out in an Atlantic County courtroom.

We have exclusively learned and confirmed from impeccable law enforcement sources that Zia has been criminally charged today with:

2nd Degree threatening a witness.

3rd Degree witness tampering.

Naeem Kahn has confirmed to me that he is the witness, who Zia stands accused of tampering with and threatening.

These are serious crimes that can jeopardize Zia’s ability to remain in elective office.

Zia was taken out of the courtroom in handcuffs by the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Department right after the second day of his trial.

Zia has been released on a summons.

Zia was held for a few hours while the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Department contacted the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.

The Atlantic County Sheriff’s Department has not yet released a public statement about today’s criminal  charges.

Zia’s residency has been called into question for years, as many have maintained that Zia lives in Egg Harbor Township and not Atlantic City.

We have spoken with Atlantic County Sheriff Joe O'Donoghue, who confirmed that Zia’s arrest had occurred.

O’Donoghue will have more to say about this tomorrow.

This is a developing story. We will be providing additional updates as warranted.

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