Atlantic City, New Jersey Councilman George Tibbitt did his own prebuttal in advance of his scheduled censure at the hands of the Atlantic City Council tonight.

Tibbitt appeared live, on-air this morning on “Hurley in the Morning,” to discuss the situation.

“I will put my life’s record up against anyone who is voting against me tonight,” said Tibbitt.

“I will wear this censure as a badge of honor,” said Tibbitt.

Tibbitt is referring to tonight’s effort to censure him for on-air comments that he made last month about Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small.

Tibbitt was defending a young boy who was taken to criminal court because of criminal charges filed against him by Marty Small.

During his on-air comments, (last month), Tibbitt said that Atlantic City public works employees should "spit on Marty Small" regarding the fact that "Small had a young boy criminally charged," said Tibbitt.

Tibbitt quickly corrected himself on-air and stated that he didn't mean for people to literally spit on Small  that "I was very passionate about how this young Atlantic City boy was being treated by Marty Small," said Tibbitt.

Tibbitt was defending a young boy, who Marty Small had previously filed legal charges against. The Small charges against the young boy were specious and were quickly dismissed in court.

Small has seized on Tibbitt's on-air comments and he encouraged his City Council allies to publicly criticize Tibbitt.

We can confirm that a formal public censure has been prepared against Tibbitt.

Here it is:


There is mounting pressure being brought to bear to censure Marty Small … as an Atlantic City resident has alleged that Small called her a “dope fiend.”

The woman has an audio recording, where she graphically criticizes and challenges Small for calling her a dope fiend.

In the recording, Smalls’ aide apologizes to the woman for his (Marty Small) conduct towards the woman.

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