A former Atlantic City, New Jersey Police Officer took these photos on Monday, April 24, 2023, at approximately 11:45 a.m.

We have just received the photos over the weekend.

It is becoming crystal clear that Atlantic City residents have grown tired of the Small drama … so, they are reporting his public conduct with greater regularity.

The photos (see above and below) were taken at the HomeGoods Department store, located at The Hamilton Mall, in Mays Landing, New Jersey.

Small is using a taxpayer-paid luxury vehicle for this shopping spree.

Small has a current Atlantic City Police Officer with him in the photos. We have learned the identity of the police officer, however, we will not reveal it at this time to protect an innocent police officer who was just doing his assigned job.

The Atlantic City Police Officer is also seen lifting the purchased items himself and putting them in the car.

The photographs below prove this.

It is unknown if Small was making a personal purchase for himself, or, an official City of Atlantic City purchase.

With a large staff available, and, a structured purchase requisition system in effect … it would be unusual for a Mayor and Police Officer to make a city purchase in this fashion.

Former Atlantic City Police Officer John Devlin called us on-air this morning … highly critical about this Small purchase for a variety of reasons.

Devlin highlighted that if the police officer would’ve been hurt, while lifting the items, he would not have been covered with proper insurance.

Small compromised the Atlantic City Police Officer and the city of Atlantic City.

Further, it’s a very bad use of a police officer … when Atlantic City has been dealing with a significant staffing shortage over the years.

Here are three photos that show Small in the dark suit and the Atlantic City Police Officer in the lighter colored suit.

Hurley photos.
Hurley photos.

Finally, it is time to end the practice of having Atlantic City Police Officers serve as chauffeurs and being assigned to The Mayor.

This practice was started by former Atlantic City Mayor him Whelan. It was wrong then. It is still wrong now.

It’s an abusive taxpayer practice that must end.

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