Tuesday, June 6, 2023 was a very bad day for Atlantic City, New Jersey Marty Small.

Recently, Small lost the majority support of Atlantic City Council.

Small personally recruited two Council Candidates for yesterday’s election. He thought he had it in the bag.

Small conspired with Atlantic County Democratic Party Chairman Michael Suleiman to knock two incumbent members of City Council from the advantageous Column A position on the election ballot.

During the entire time of the Mayor - Council form of government in Atlantic City … it has been next to impossible to win in the Democratic Primary without Column A placement on the election ballot.

Only former Mayor Lorenzo Langford, former Atlantic City council president, Craig Callaway, and Atlantic City Councilman George Tibbitt have achieved this feat.

Small and Suleiman strategically schemed to control the election outcome and failed.

In the 2nd Ward, incumbent Councilwoman LaToya Dunston appears to have an insurmountable lead, with only provisional ballots and late arriving ballots yet to be counted.

In the initial traunch of votes made publicly available, Dunston leads Small’s handpicked candidate, Viana Bailey by a comfortable 67 votes, 228 to 161.

Incredibly, Bailey was in Australia in the run up to election day and on election day. This is how much in the bag they thought the result was… That they didn’t even have to be here to win their prize.

All election ballots must be postmarked by June 6, 2023, and can arrive as late as June 12 and count.

In the 4th Ward, the result is even more incredible, in that the incumbent councilman, MD Hossain Morshed is currently under a multiple federal count indictment.

Morshed was also removed from Column A by Small and Suleiman. Morshed leads by 18 votes, 167 to 149 over Abusaeed "Saeed" Asduha.

Small’s handpicked, Column A candidate George Crouch received only 54 votes, with partial available tabulated votes for our review.

I have talked with Suleiman, who said that additional votes have been added and that Crouch leads Morshed at this time.

Suleiman believes that the the Dunston versus Bailey race is too close to call at this time.

Regardless, it was a humiliating day for Small, as the Atlantic City voters rejected Small, who was not literally on the ballot … however, there remains no doubt that Small and The Small Agenda was soundly defeated at the polls.

Also, on Election Day, a Small appointee, the assistant director of Atlantic City’s anti-violence unit made violent, threatening remarks to Dunston, which she captured on video.

Dunston announced on-air this morning that she will be going to the Atlantic County prosecutor’s office to file official criminal charges against Craig Newsome, who also goes by the alias, Angel Rock Newbomb.

Finally, a comment about Atlantic City political potentate, Craig Callaway.

Callaway defeated Small in every facet of this election, with his effective early voting strategy and a well managed election day get out the vote campaign.

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