In a "Hurley in the Morning" / WPG Talk Radio 95.5 FM, 1450 AM & exclusive, we have learned, confirmed, and can report first that UNITE-HERE Local 54 (later today) will formally endorse Brigid Callahan Harrison for the Democratic Nomination for the United States House of Representatives in New Jersey's 2nd Congressional District.

It is a coveted endorsement because Local 54 is the largest union in Southern Jersey, and, the effective President Bob McDevitt/Local 54 Political Action Committee get-out-the-vote support, etc. comes along with the endorsement.

This is a substantial campaign development and a big boost for Harrison's campaign, which was just rocked by Amy Kennedy's political play of the week in Atlantic City.

McDevitt and Local 54 have a proven track record. The candidates that they support often win.

The 2nd Congressional District Democratic Primary is shaping-up to be a titanic battle between Harrison and Kennedy.

I cannot overstate how important this endorsement is for Harrison. Had Kennedy pulled this one off; coupled with her Atlantic City, Pleasantville and the potential Craig Callaway support; she may have been able to close the deal on Harrison.

For her part in this, Harrison has cobbled an impressive array of support thus far. Six of the eight (Congressional District 2) County Chairman have endorsed Harrison. New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney is enthusiastically supporting Harrison.

Although McDevitt and Local 54 are fiercely independent, make no mistake about it, Sweeney's endorsement was very meaningful here.

Additionally, Harrison most likely also has the "unofficial" (quiet) support of Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Mike Suleiman.

Camden County political power house George Norcross is also behind Harrison.

Kennedy has a great last name, financial prowess, the unanimous support of the Atlantic City Democratic Committee (with Pleasantville and others soon-to-follow), and, she will likely have Craig Callaway and his "Vote-by-mail" juggernaut supporting her campaign.

This is a very competitive race and it confirms exactly what I have been reporting throughout the election season thus far. The early conventional wisdom by many (not me) was that Harrison had a political/electoral cake walk and that Congressman Jeff Van Drew, R-2, would face a "Vulcan Death Match" for the Republican Nomination.

As I expected and projected, just the opposite has unfolded. Harrison and Kennedy are in a very rough and tumble battle, while Van Drew is coasting to inevitable victory on the Republican side.

You can expect Van Drew's momentum to hit a new, all-time high gear following this Tuesday, January 28, 2020 United States President Donald Trump Rally in Wildwood.

Following this unprecedented Presidential rally, Van Drew will own the Republican Nomination. No credible Republican will buck President Trump's desire for Van Drew to be his running mate.

On the other hand, the Harrison versus Kennedy race will likely go the distance. All the way to a (competitive) contested Primary Election ballot on June 2, 2020.

NOTE: Bob McDevitt will be our guest on "Hurley in the Morning" one week from today, Friday, January 31, 2029 for the entire 7:00 a.m. hour. We'll discuss this key endorsement and the (upcoming March, 2020) Special Election that will be taking place in Atlantic City to consider a change in the form of government. 

McDevitt chairs the Atlantic City Citizen's Committee that is seeking the change from a Mayor-Council form of government to a proposed Council-Manager form.

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