Travelers on the Atlantic City Rail Line will face a midday inconvenience beginning today through approximately mid-December as NJ Transit replaces midday trains with buses between Egg Harbor City and 30th Street Station in Philadelphia for infrastructure and track work.

Beginning today, Sept. 14, from 8:30AM until 2:45PM weekdays, the train departing Atlantic City at 6:49am and the 7:43am train departing Philadelphia will be the last trains to operate normally before the outage begins.

Regular train service will resume weekdays will the train departing Atlantic City at 2:41pm and the train departing Philadelphia at 2:49pm.

Here is a rundown of from NJ Transit on how AC Rail Line service will be handled during the midday disruption period.

Rail station bus stops for substitute busing:

  • At Egg Harbor City: Buses traveling to Philadelphia will stop directly across the street from the train platform. (Arriving buses will stop adjacent to the platform; the Atlantic City-bound train will not leave until the substitute bus has arrived.)
  • For Hammonton: Buses will stop on Egg Harbor Road at Bellevue Avenue. Please check signs at the bus stop to ensure that you are traveling in the correct direction before boarding the bus.
  • For Atco and Cherry Hill: Buses will stop adjacent to the train platform.
  • For Lindenwold: Buses will use the stop adjacent to the PATCO station.
  • For Pennsauken: Customers will use River LINE Light Rail service to/from Walter Rand Transportation Center where connections with Atlantic City substitute buses to Philadelphia or to Cherry Hill and all NJ stations are available. Specific information for Pennsauken customers is found on page 3 of the Atlantic City Line weekday printable schedule or in the Atlantic City Line timetable dated 9/13/2020.
  • For Philadelphia 30th Street: Buses will stop on JFK Blvd. across from the station’s 30th Street entrance.


Beginning Saturday, September 19, buses replace Trains to/from Philadelphia due to trackwork on the Delair Bridge. This work – which is subject to change based on weather – will affect rail service from 4PM Saturdays until 6:30PM Sundays.

Service notes:

  • The last train to operate before the outage begins early Saturday mornings will be Train 4651, the 12:50AM departure from Philadelphia
  • The first trains to operate after the outage has ended on Sunday evenings will be Train 4682, the 5:21PM departure from Atlantic City and Train 4687, the 7:50PM departure from Philadelphia.

Customers traveling TO Philadelphia:

  • Exit at Cherry Hill Station, and board the substitute bus at the driveway adjacent to the train platform. The bus will depart five minutes after the train arrives and will travel to 30th Street Station in Philadelphia with an intermediate stop at the Walter Rand Transportation Center (WRTC).
  • Note: For Train 4660 (the 4:28AM from Atlantic City, which arrives in Cherry Hill at 5:33AM), the bus to 30th Street will stop at Pennsauken, not the WRTC.

Customers traveling TO Philadelphia from Pennsauken:

  • Board any Camden-bound River LINE Light Rail train, and transfer at the WRTC for connecting bus service to Philadelphia.
  • See Train Schedules or schedule posters at Pennsauken Station for River LINE trains that connect at WRTC with Atlantic City Line substitute buses traveling to 30th Street Station or to Cherry Hill.
    • Note: Regular bus service from the WRTC to Philadelphia will operate to the normal terminal (Greyhound Bus Terminal or Philadelphia City Hall).
  • Note:  For Train 4660 (the 4:28AM from Atlantic City, which normally arrives in Pennsauken at 5:40AM), customers will board the bus to Philadelphia at the bus stop in the Pennsauken Station parking lot.

Customers traveling FROM Philadelphia:

  • At 30th Street Station, board the substitute bus on JFK Blvd. across from the station’s 30th Street entrance. The bus will depart at the scheduled train time and will travel to Cherry Hill with a stop at WRTC.
  • Pennsauken customers must exit at the WRTC and transfer to a Trenton-bound River LINE train to complete their trip to the Pennsauken Transit Center Station. See Train Schedules or schedule posters at Pennsauken Station for connections at WRTC between Atlantic City Line substitute buses and River LINE trains.
    • Note: Pennsauken customers may also use any regular NJ TRANSIT buses (originating at Philadelphia City Hall or the Greyhound Bus Terminal) to travel to WRTC for River LINE service.
  • Customers traveling to any other NJ station will continue on the bus to Cherry Hill and transfer to the train (if necessary) to continue their trip.
  • Note: The 12:50AM bus from 30th Street Station late Saturday night/early Sunday will operate via Pennsauken before continuing to Cherry Hill. It will not stop at the WRTC.

Source: NJ Transit

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