Finals exams are always a stressful time for college kids who might struggle to maintain their focus when they are trying to study. Some might turn to stimulants to help them concentrate.

Adderall is one of the most used among college students because of how easy it is to get. It is generally prescribed for people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. The amount of milligrams people receive depends on their individual condition and how serious it is. However, students take these drugs even though they are not prescribed for them. They see them as a simple and painless way to help them study, but they are not.

The side effects that Adderall can have on someone's body can range from mild to extremely severe. Here is what you need to know about these stimulants.

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    Even though Adderall and other similar drugs are not controlled substances, you can still become dependent on these drugs, especially when they arenot prescribed for you. These drugs have the potential for misuse, especially if they are used by those who do not truly need them.

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    Like many other drugs, there are always side effects that come along with it. These side effects can include lack of appetite, trouble sleeping, weight loss, dizziness, and anxiety. This list of common side effects is longer than just these. Take this drug with precaution and only if it is prescribed to you.


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    After the continuous use of Adderall, the side effects can become more dangerous. This can range from severe insomnia to depression, skin disorders, psychosis or hallucinations, anorexia, and even some heart damage. Before getting involved with a drug, look into the side effects to see if it is really worth it in the end.

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    Prolonged use of this drug can have serious harmful effects on your body. This can include heart problems such as heart attack or stroke, impaired or delusional thinking, aggressive behavior or irritability, muscle breakdown, and even a severe allergic reaction.

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