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The Associated Press has officially declared that United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew is the winner in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District in his race vs. Amy Kennedy.

The first re-election bid is always the toughest.

Van Drew’s victory was unprecedented, during a global pandemic, after switching political parties.

It’s most likely a first in American history.

Make no mistake about it, Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Campaign Congressional Committee and many other Democrat partisans worked overtime to try and defeat Van Drew.

They wanted to punish Van Drew and they wanted to make an example of him to show what happens when you demonstrate your independence as Van Drew did.

You can not overstate what an impressive victory this was for Van Drew, held in the worst possible political environment imaginable.

It’s a testament to the high quality character of Van Drew.

Not long after this race was official, Democrat challenger Amy Kennedy offered a classy concession.

This is a good example of how America should work.

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