Dozens of people will be headed to court soon after officials in one Ocean County municipality issued over 130 summonses this weekend at a lake near an old strip mining operation.

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Following complaints about trespassing, noise, and ATV riders, officers with the Manchester Township Police Department, assisted by other law enforcement agencies, raided the area around the old Heritage Minerals/ASARCO site on Saturday.

Police say as they arrived, they encountered over 200 people in and around Crystal Lake.

As a result of the detail, 90 Special Complaint Summonses (criminal violations) were issued along with 41 Title 39 citations (traffic violations), which totaled 131 summonses.

Crystal Lake in Manchester Township NJ - Photo: Google Maps
Crystal Lake in Manchester Township NJ - Photo: Google Maps

Cops also mentioned that they received a report of a vehicle that was stuck in some sand near the lake. Officers were able to locate and free that vehicle, which then got stuck three more times before it needed to be towed out of the area.

The Manchester Township Police Department would like to remind the public that the Heritage Minerals or “ASARCO” site is private property. It is closed for recreational and/or other use and it is a criminal offense to enter or remain on the property.

Trespassers are subject to fines and even incarceration for being on the property.

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