Highly regarded criminal defense attorney Ed Jacobs and Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small publicly announced earlier today that they are going after Craig Callaway (legally) for comments he has made on local talk radio, namely, the “Hurley in the Morning” program on WPG Talk Radio 95.5.

Jacobs also revealed the potential to name more defendants, for now they are in the form of John Doe’s 1-5.

Jacobs discussed next steps, which include “deposing Craig Callaway,” said Jacobs.

Jacobs is trying to determined if there are others who have set out to politically attack Small and his wife LaQuetta Small, who is Atlantic City High School Principal ... many (including me) believe that Dr. Small may be the next superintendent of the Atlantic City Public Schools system.

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Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small and Attorney Ed Jacobs
Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small and Attorney Ed Jacobs - 3/17/21 Press Conference

The Small’s have acknowledged that a relative lived with them for a period of time, who now faces serious criminal charges.

They have firmly and publicly stated that the relative in question left their home two years prior to his alleged criminal problems.

Mayor Small has stated and Jacobs said so again this morning that Dr. Small contacted multiple authorities once she became aware of her relative’s alleged conduct.

Jacobs concluded by advising that they will aggressively pursue anyone who slanders Small with “lies.” Jacobs addressed a question from a member of the media and schooled them on the difference between being mistaken about something and lying about it.

Jacobs also highlighted the importance of free speech in American society, again drawing the distinction between legitimate free speech and blatant lies.

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