Federal authorities say a man from North Jersey is facing heroin and fentanyl-related charges and, if convicted, could potentially be sentenced to life in prison.

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36-year-old Dawan A. Brown, a.k.a. "DB," of Cliffside Park has been charged with one count of possession with intent to distribute one kilogram or more of heroin and at least 400 grams or more of fentanyl.

According to U.S. Attorney Philip Sellinger's office,

Law enforcement officers learned that Brown packages and distributes large amounts of heroin from an apartment in a building located in Harrison, New Jersey. On June 14, 2022, law enforcement officers executed search warrants at this apartment and at Brown’s residence. From the apartment in Harrison, officers recovered approximately two kilograms of narcotics, suspected to contain amounts of heroin and fentanyl; drug paraphernalia, including a ledger, a safe, scales, a coffee and spice grinder, ink pads, stamps, Ziplock bags, vacuum bags and a vacuum bag sealer machine, razor blades, glassine envelopes and strainers; and approximately $44,000 that was contained within the safe, along with some of the suspected heroin and fentanyl.

Officials say from the home in Cliffside Park, they recovered about $169,000, multiple cell phones, safety deposit keys, and jewelry.

In court

Brown made an initial court appearance earlier this week and he was ordered detained.

Potential penalties

The narcotics offense carries a minimum of 10 years in prison, potentially up to life behind bars, and a fine of $10 million.

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