Bret N. is one happy guy and can you blame him?

The lucky gambler recently won close to $100,000 playing a poker game at Caesars.

Caesars Atlantic City posted on Facebook to say that Bret won an incredible $97, 478 playing Mississippi Stud.

According to Caesars, Mississippi Stud is a poker-based game where you play against the house. The game starts by placing an ante bet to buy into the games.

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The dealer then deals two hole cards and three community cards face down. If you like your two hole cards then you can bet the ante again or raise your bet to see the third card, or, as it's known in the game "3rd street".

At the end of each street, you must decide to bet again or fold. After all the community cards are revealed your payout is based on the payout schedule.

Mississippi Stud is described as a game of strategy against yourself.

Bret N. apparently excels at Mississippi Stud and now he's basking in the glow of winning over $97K. Congratulations!

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