At yesterday’s (Tuesday, February 25, 2020) Galloway Township Council Meeting, Councilman Robert Maldonado abruptly walked out of the meeting prior to residents having the opportunity to speak with him in open session.

Maldonado asserted that the public comment section of the meeting is a "hostile work environment.”

That’s one of the most absurd public statements ever made by an elected official at any level.

This just in, the taxpayers are your boss! You work for them. By definition, they can’t possibly create a hostile work environment.

Let’s get real. It was Maldonado’s own actions which has resulted in the current political bedlam in Galloway Township.

A significant number of residents are furious with Maldonado.

In case you don’t remember - at the time of the annual re-organization meeting of the Galloway Township Council - Maldonado held the equivalent of his own “secret election” of sorts, when he single-handedly switched the balance of power from republican to democrat with his vote.

This action by Maldonado sent a chain reaction into motion, as most township professionals were unceremoniously switched out. In some cases, at significantly higher rates for the taxpayers to foot the bill.

This has earned Maldonado a recall petition, which is presently in the works. The purpose, if successful would result in Maldonado‘s removal from elective office.

At last nights meeting, after Maldonado announced that he would be walking out of the meeting, a motion was made by Councilman Tony DiPietro to censure Maldonado for his actions. The motion was seconded by Councilman Rich Clute.

A formal vote was taken and it passed 6-0 with both Republican and Democrat Council members agreeing to condemn Maldonado‘s behavior.

Even the three Democrats who Maldonado gave “everything” to just last month voted against Maldonado.

Yes, politics ain’t bean bag. It’s not a non-contact sport. But, regarding these three Democrats, wow. This is as cold and politically calculating as it gets.

They took Maldonado‘s kindness, and the first chance they got, they politically stabbed him in the back. Because they know that unless the Recall of Maldonado is successful, they have supreme power in Galloway Township for the next two years.

Residents were stunned and angered by Maldonado’s sudden departure.

There have also been accusations of Maldonado using his office for personal gain and allegations about him allegedly benefiting from public funds. These allegations are delineated in the recall petition.

​A petition to recall Councilman Maldonado has been approved by the Township Clerk and received approval on February 10, 2020 to start collecting the requisite number of signatures.

The recall committee consists of former mayor Tom Bassford, Annamarie DeLuccia, Chis Coleman and other concerned residents. For more information visit the Recall Robert Maldonado Facebook page or text 609-432-8771.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Former Galloway Township Mayor Don Purdy will be my guest tomorrow Thursday, February 27, 2020 (for the full 7:00 AM hour) on the “Hurley in the Morning” program on WPG talk radio 95.5 FM, 1450 AM, 97.3 HD3, WPG talk and on our WPG talk radio smart phone app.

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