Tom Foley Official Photo
Tom Foley Official Photo

The Atlantic City Mayoral Candidates Will Face Off in Chelsea Neighborhood Forum on Thursday, May 20, 2020 at 7:00 p.m  

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small has issued a blunt challenge to his opponent Tom Foley ... to denounce his support of former United States President Donald Trump ahead of a candidate’s forum being held tomorrow night.

“In statements captured on video, Foley says Trump’s record in Atlantic City was “untarnished” and says he voted for Trump because he believed the former president, whose incendiary rhetoric and false claims about the outcome of the 2020 election incited the violent and deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol in January, was moving the country in the “right direction,” said Small.

The statements attributed to Foley were made during a May 8, 2020 Atlantic City candidate’s forum.

Small is hitting Foley hard for “his long friendship and business relationship with Trump and blamed Trump’s failure to pay contractors and suppliers working on his Atlantic City properties on the businesses themselves. Foley even admits that he lost money as a drapery contractor with Trump’s casinos,” said Small.

“I am calling on Foley to denounce his statements defending Trump’s record in Atlantic City before the candidate forum in his neighborhood Thursday night,” said Small.

“Foley’s claims that Trump’s record in Atlantic city is untarnished are an insult to this city. Trump was a traitor to Atlantic City long before he was a traitor to our country and was one of the most divisive and dangerous leaders our country has ever seen. Atlantic City is done with Trump and everything he stands for. We are recovering and rebuilding and are stronger than we have been in a long time,” said Small.

Small is also “calling on Foley to disavow his campaign manager Craig Callaway, a convicted felon who served a jail sentence for accepting bribes during his term as an Atlantic City councilman and notorious in Atlantic County for his dirty campaigning and voter suppression tactics. Callaway has long been accused of voter fraud and despite being the presumptive boss of the Atlantic City Democrats, campaigned for Republican Jeff Van Drew in the 2nd District’s 2020 Congressional race, and is now backing Foley, an avowed Trump supporter, in the Democratic primary, said Small.

“Who is a greater traitor to Atlantic City and Democrats than Craig Callaway?,” Mayor Small said. “We are talking about the two worst people ever known to Atlantic City, Craig Callaway and Donald Trump. The people of Atlantic City know we are up against pure evil. I am calling on my opponent to denounce them on behalf of the people of Atlantic City,” said Small.

The Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, June 8, 2020.

There will be a candidate’s forum tomorrow night, sponsored by the Chelsea Neighborhood Association.

The Chelsea Neighborhood Association forum will be held via Zoom on Thursday, May 20, 7 PM.  The organization can be reached at for the zoom link.

SOURCE: Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small

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