Just like we get excited when news breaks of a new business opening its doors in South Jersey, it always hits hard when you hear of one closing up shop.

In Mays Landing, residents will have to say goodbye to what has become a local favorite. KB Pastry opened up on Main Street just this past summer, but, unfortunately, it will now have to close until the owner can find a new location.

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News broke of the closure when Kate Blose, KB Pastry's owner, shared that the bakery's last day will be on December 26th. She's not down for the count, though. While you won't be able to stop into KB Pastry's brick-and-mortar location after this month wraps, that doesn't mean you can't still get your goodies. In the post, Katie did let people know that if you're still interested in placing a custom order with her, that will still be an option.

You can keep up with any updates on a new location via KB Pastry's Facebook page.

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