There is a group from Atlantic City that is working very hard to unseat Mayor Don Guardian.

The group is allegedly (informally) led by former Atlantic City Council President Craig Callaway.

Say what you will about Craig’s notorious past, etc., but Callaway is experienced, hard-working and very well organized. He may be able to help deliver the next State Senator (District 2), assembly persons, county sheriff, freeholders, Mayor of Atlantic City, council members at large and more.

They are utilizing Jitneys and other buses to transport people to the Atlantic County Clerk’s office to get messenger ballots in order (for the voter) to ultimately vote-by-mail.

To accommodate this, the Atlantic County Clerk’s Office is dispensing the ballots (not behind glass in their regular location) but rather in the middle courtroom in Mays Landing.

The daily crowds of messengers has been voluminous.

They are allowing one bearer in at a time. This is being done to process the messenger ballots faster and keep the line for other messengers moving.

I have learned and confirmed that Atlantic City Councilman Jesse Kurtz went there on Friday, September 29, 2017, to get a mail-in ballot.

Upon opening it, it was already partially filled out. He took a picture (Phil Murphy, Frank Gilliam for Mayor and George Tibbitt were already pre-loaded). A photo of this ballot is available for you to see.

Kurtz reported that “My ballot is marked.” The Clerk’s staff member allegedly came over and acknowledged it and gave him a new one.

Kurtz asked how many others are marked? To which I have been told that the staff member said, “oh you're going to be a trouble maker".

This is a potentially disturbing situation and it should be to every person who cares about free and fair elections.

The clerk's office keeps custody of these ballots at all times, and, a guard is located at the front desk watching the door.

A well placed source advised me that the courtroom is accessible from two locked rear entrances.

I don’t know who has these door codes. I am confident that the clerk's office would not have done anything dishonest... but someone marked that ballot. Someone had access to these ballots in the first place; unless you suspect Jesse Kurtz of marking his own ballot... which I do not believe occurred.

A well placed source has also said that a well organized program to compensate each messenger is also being employed. As incredulous as it sounds, it all appears to be legal.

Well placed sources have confirmed to me that both Democratic and Republican candidates will benefit from this massive messenger ballot (well organized) campaign.

I have also obtained a letter written by Randy Lafferty, Esquire (to: New Jersey Deputy Attorney General, George C. Cohen) requesting that a formal inquiry into this matter commence.

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