We have obtained a copy of the latest letter sent to owners and residents at Atlantic City, New Jersey’s Ocean Club Condominiums.

Although the public perception may be otherwise, make no mistake about it … The Ocean Club management has been very transparent throughout all of the various issues that we have been reporting about:

  • The use of balconies by residents is being temporarily halted due to structural issues and the potential of falling concrete.
  • The parking garage structural engineering and assessment report.
  • The announcement that the balconies would be screwed shut.

In a new development, we have confirmed that inspections of all of the Ocean Club balconies are slated to be completed by the week of April 11, 2022.

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Harry Hurley TSM.
Harry Hurley TSM.

Now, to the latest communication provided to all residents of The Ocean Club Condominiums.

The letter is titled: IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE.

It states that:

  • The balconies are common property. This gives the management and Association control of the doors and exterior spaces.
  • It declares that no resident is permitted to use their balcony.
  • Engineering report has determined that a potential safety issue, involving the railings presently exists.
  • Because of action taken by the City of Atlantic City, the balcony doors are not allowed to be opened by residents.
  • All balconies are slated to be inspected by the week of April 11, 2022.
  • Residents have been told not to open the balcony doors until they have been properly inspected and deemed safe by an engineer.
  • The prohibition does not apply to ocean-facing balconies that were previously coated in 2017.

In other good news, Ocean Club management has confirmed to owners and residents that no structural problems of the actual balconies have been determined to presently exist.

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The latest letter was slipped under each resident's door yesterday. A copy of the letter has been provided to us.

Here it is.

Harry Hurley TSM.
Harry Hurley TSM.

In the interest of the public, we will continue to keep you apprised of any relevant developments.

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