CEDAR GROVE — A councilman who lost Tuesday's election went door-to-door after the polls closed looking for vote-by-mail ballots.

After Harry Kumburis finished third in a four-way race for Cedar Grove's council-at-large race, doorbell video posted by the New Jersey Globe showed him on the porch of a resident just after 10 p.m. knocking on the door while holding a stack of papers.

The resident did not answer the door. After Kumburis turned and walked away, the resident called police.

Kumburis told the Globe that the race was close and was asking residents if they had returned their ballots.  He said he didn't think was unusual to be out so late.

As long as ballots are postmarked by Tuesday, vote-by-mail ballots received by Thursday will count.

Unofficial election results posted by Essex County show Harry Kumburis finished third in Cedar Grove's council-at-large race with 763 votes, just 33 votes behind James Palma with 736. The top two candidates win the election.

Kumburis did not immediately return a request seeking comment.

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