EGG HARBOR TWP — A 24-year-old Philadelphia man has been identified as a suspect who favored doctors' offices for his Garden State crime spree.

Tyrone M. Thomas is already awaiting trial in Pennsylvania and is about to be hit with a slew of theft and credit-card fraud charges from across New Jersey.

Surveillance footage from the professional offices the crook hit helped identify Thomas, police said.

Township police were investigating cases of theft that happened Oct. 18, when the thief hit two obstetrics/gynecology offices as well as a dentist’s office in Medford, police said.

Surveillance images, allegedly showing Tyrone Thomas in action. (Egg Harbor police)

Police said the thief always walked into a physician’s back office unnoticed, grabbed wallets from desks or purses, and then used credit cards to buy expensive jewelry and electronics.

Police said he drove a gray Pontiac Grand Prix 03-08 with no front license plate or inspection sticker.

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