Know someone going off to college? Maybe a friend or relative moving out of state?

At some point, they'll probably start to miss home, but one company created a brilliant way to give homesick Jerseyans a way to feel like they are still local.

Homesick Candles creates different scented candles for 27 different states, all with a signature scent meant to take you back home with a single whiff.

I'll admit, I was wary when I saw New Jersey included, hoping they wouldn't reduce our beautiful state to an embarrassing stereotype via stanky candle.

Luckily, they did the opposite, showcasing our beautiful Jersey Shore in one magical scent.

While other state scents get specific descriptors, like "a hint of sweet tea, and a touch of Georgia peach," ours just says "Takes you back to The Garden State, with scents reminscent of the Jersey shore."

A review on their website says the Jersey Homesick Candle smells like "a mixture of classic boardwalk smells like fried dough, ocean breeze, sand, and ice cream."

Certain scents can bring up vivid memories, and there's definitely nothing like that combination of salty air and funnel cake!

The candles are currently available online at for $29.95, but are only shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays during the summer to prevent melting.

So smart!

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