Another school shooting and another conversation about the availability of guns and what the out-of-touch Left call "common sense gun laws". What does that even mean? I asked that of a guest on Chasing News last week and got no real answer, then the head of Mom's Demand (essentially a political tool of Presidential wanna-be Mike Bloomberg) blocked me on Twitter!

Looking at California as the most recent example, every possible law would have been broken for a teenager to end up in school with a handgun. Not sure how MORE laws would help. I do know that we have plenty of laws in place that could have been helpful in Parkland, Florida prior to that school shooting. But looking back, you realize very quickly that the killer was flagged for YEARS by social workers AND law enforcement yet nothing was done to help this future murderer get the help he so obviously needed.

So the adults are failing. Failing to address mental health issues among children. Failing to stand up and discipline kids when they are clearly looking for attention. Failing to lay down some basic ground rules for son is simply not a girl because one day at seven years old he's feeling a bit feminine.

This failure on the part of adults has put our entire society in jeopardy. The ongoing war on cops has exposed our neighborhoods to brazen criminals. The war on history, blaming America for all that is wrong in the world, when factually the opposite is true, has muted a generation of people who fear they will be the next victim of the PC cancel culture mobsters.

We are at a cultural crossroads and need to make some decisions fast. It's pretty simple to start locking the doors at our schools, add some uniformed police and armed guards. But what we really need is a cultural shift where men and women are empowered to stand up and defend themselves.

We're so busy creating and coddling fake victims who saw a movie or a tweet that triggered them, we're forgetting about real victims. Look at the streets of New York City lately, the south ward in Newark, and how about Trenton? Story after story of people afraid to come out of their homes without fear of being harassed, robbed or worse.

The media is complicit of course, hammering cops on a routine basis and sticking up for criminals and the progressive leftists like Phil Murphy and his fake cop buddy Gurbir Grewal who apologizes and protects the criminals who terrorize our streets. Yes, Grewal is the one who has championed NJ's sanctuary state policy and aggressively supports bail reform, which has lead to accused violent criminals being released in your community despite ICE's best efforts to enforce legal detainer orders, including an accused child rapist most recently.

Your world is getting more dangerous and the leaders supposedly charged with protecting you, your families and our communities are more interested in pursuing their own agenda. There is some good news though. People are rising up in huge numbers to take on the task of protecting themselves and their families. Groups like the National Rifle Association are helping them despite constant attacks from the media. They even directly address the issue through grants to help make schools more secure.

Of course they won't get credit for it, they are painted as part of the problem, some crazies even calling them terrorists. But they are not. They are a true civil rights group focused on making sure that the politicians don't try to solve one problem by destroying our Constitution and taking away American's right to defend themselves.

People are taking notice and joining gun rights groups like the NRA in droves. And not just rural white guys. Minorities and women are joining in record numbers. The NRA has millions of members, many united by a legitimate fear that the current crop of Democratic candidates for President and the lawless and irresponsible corrupt pols in Trenton will take away second amendment rights. Disarming trained, responsible, law abiding citizens and former Marines like me obviously isn't going to solve the problem of crime in the streets and the vulnerability of our schools and soft targets.

Telling black and Hispanic families living in crime infested areas of our cities that they have no right to defend themselves isn't going to stop the gangs and certainly won't prevent the next school shooting. And normal people know it. Actually the cities are waking up with a new group focused on empowering black American gun owners has surged in membership.

So despite the hate and the propaganda from the media and the fear that foolish groups like "Moms Demand Action" are pushing, people are pushing back. But you can't do it alone. And I'm thankful that there are organizations out there to help real families on both side of the political aisle fight back. The NRA is certainly one of them.

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