It’s palpable.

People are so ready to enjoy life, again.

Case in point. Did you see Phil Mickelson defeat “Father Time” and win the recent past PGA Championship?

The sea of humanity that surrounded, (actually) engulfed Mickelson and his playing partner Brooks Koepka in Kiawah, South Carolina.

There was no social distancing. Fans felt free and liberated. Unconditional joy had returned in their lives; in real time.

They felt alive, again. It was beautiful to witness. It was more than a game of golf. It was a revival of the American spirit.

Those of us watching at home also felt it. I know that I did!

At first glance, it looked “different” after what the American people have been put through over the past 14-15, grueling months.

This impromptu demonstration by the fans could turn out to be a turning point as America slogs towards normalcy.

Getty Images
Getty Images

The recent NBA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony held at Mohegan Sun Casino Hotel was another important early milestone that we can do big events, again.

This was the typical greatness of Tom Cantone and Dave Martinelli and their teams shining brightly. They flawlessly delivered a world class caliber event (in the Mohegan Sun Arena) that was carried Worldwide on the ESPN Network.

Tom Cantone - Corporate President of Sports & Entertainment, Mohegan Sun Gaming
Tom Cantone - Corporate President of Sports & Entertainment, Mohegan Sun Gaming

America is now fully capable of doing great events.

Get ready America!

Summer 2021 is going to be very special. It will be a renewal. A new “Independence Day” of sorts.

Before long, when we see past photos and videos, with everyone wearing face masks, we’re going to be able to say ... “Do you remember when we had to do that”?

It’s time for everyone to return to “living.”

You’ve earned it.

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