Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina has obtained an aggravated assault indictment of Shelly Webb of Browns Mills, New Jersey for allegedly punching an emergency room Doctor.

“Given the dramatic rise since the beginning of the pandemic in violent incidents against health care workers … who already put their health at risk in the service of others simply by coming to work … we will continue to take a zero-tolerance approach toward assaults on employees of health care facilities,” said Coffina.

This all goes back to March 30, 2020, when the Pemberton Township police department began an investigation about the alleged incident.

Pemberton Police were called to Capital Health at Deborah Hospital; specifically to the Emergency Services Department.

The reason that the police were called was because of an alleged assault of a physician by a patient.

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Coffina confirmed that while being examined, Webb lunged and punched the Deborah Hospital emergency room physician in the abdomen.

Since the pandemic, there has been a precipitous rise in violent activities, whether it be on airplanes or other everyday circumstances.

The pandemic has created significant stress over the past two years. No doubt, there has been an escalation of violence during this time.

Deborah Heart and Lung Center is located at 200 Trenton Road, in Browns Mills, New Jersey.

SOURCE: Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina

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