A police officer has been charged for allegedly hacking into the social media accounts of a woman from Evesham and then distributing nude pictures she took of herself to those on her contact and friends lists.

22-year-old Ayron Taylor of Delran, who became a full-time officer with the Mount Laurel Police Department after graduating from the academy a year ago, has been charged with three counts of computer crime, two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, and invasion of privacy, all in the second or third-degree.

Burlington County Prosecutor LaChia Bradshaw's office says an investigation began last month after the victim reported that her Snapchat and Facebook accounts had been accessed by an unknown person who then sent nude pictures she had taken of herself to her Snapchat contacts, messaged them to her Facebook friends, and posted them on her Facebook wall.

That investigation, "revealed Taylor had illegally accessed the accounts and distributed the photos."

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Bradshaw says the endangering the welfare of a child charges were filed against Taylor because some of the photos he sent of the victim were taken when she was a minor.

Taylor was arrested late last week; he was released following an initial court appearance. He has been suspended without pay and the Mount Laurel Police Department is seeking to terminate his employment.

The public is reminded that charges are accusations and all persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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