Who: Vince Polistina

What: New Jersey State Senator - District 2

Where: Atlantic County Republican Committee Special Selection meeting.

When: To Be Announced.

Why: Because former State Senator Chris Brown has resigned to become Special Assistant to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy on Atlantic City matters … creating a vacancy.

This much you can count on.

Vince Polistina will be the next New Jersey State Senator from District 2.

The only open question is when will it happen?

Multiple Atlantic County Republican Committee members have told us that the selection meeting is tentatively set for Wednesday, August 4, 2021 at the Scullville Volunteer Fire House in Egg Harbor Tosnship.

I have absolute confidence that Atlantic County Republican Party Chairman Keith Davis is prepared to do the right thing.

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On one hand, there are many people in Atlantic County who have to be given respectable advanced notice in order to attend the special “Committee” election for a new Senator.

Its a very big deal. Even though this is happened three times in the past 15 years… It is a rare occurrence that must be treated with dignity and respect … for the Atlantic County committee members and the process.

There are reasonable others who would like to see this selection process take place within the next 7 days or so.

I agree with this shorter, but, still fair timeframe.

Senator Chris Brown’s resignation will be in hand today or very soon.

Don P. Hurley Photo
Don P. Hurley Photo

An extra week for Polistina in office is a big deal, with the general election just over 3 months away by time he would be seated.

By waiting until August 4th, it does nothing except delay a smooth transition from Senator Brown to Senator Polistina.

Additionally, in case anyone in Trenton has thoughts of playing any political games … in an attempt to delay Polistina’s swearing-in … this gives him an additional week to mount a proper defense to end such a potential scheme.

In my estimation, a better time frame for this important vote would be July 27-30, 2021.

Don P. Hurley Photo
Don P. Hurley Photo

We’ll keep you posted right here with all relevant  developments in this process.

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