Our factual reporting has created a ground swell of others now coming forward to share their displeasure with Atlantic County Executive Denny Levinson and Atlantic County government’s response during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is the latest professional to come forward.

Meet Charles A. Uhl, the Chief of Department, Galloway Township Emergency Management Services, State of New Jersey EMS Taskforce.

Uhl and many others are exasperated with Atlantic County Government.

I have exclusively obtained an elaborate chain of emails from various professionals, which details concerns about Atlantic County not having a plan regarding vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By comparison, Cape May County has done a much better job.

Here are direct comments from Uhl, which addresses the Atlantic County deficiencies.

“I have also had two conversations this week with Barry Kraus who is the Atlantic County EMS Coordinator, most recently just before our phone call, and there does not seem to be any set plans to vaccinate,” wrote Uhl.

“Here are the facts, I have EMTs who work for me that also work in Cape May County and they are beginning their vaccination next week. As of today Atlantic County is reporting 11,000 cumulative cases and Cape May is reporting 2,200, I am not sure how they are getting the vaccine distributed and Atlantic County has not,” concluded Uhl.

Levinson has had a poor record from the beginning of the pandemic.

I have been advised that they have come to me with this disturbing information because, “We are begging for help.”

I remain perplexed at how/why Levinson has been so feckless during the entire pandemic. It doesn’t make sense. Levinson has endless resources at his fingertips.

Atlantic County has more than 5 times the amount of positive cases, and, yet Cape May County first responders will begin to receive their vaccinations next week.

This is a life and death matter for these fine Atlantic County professionals. They deserve much better.

There has been a blatant lack of sense of urgency in Atlantic County government during the pandemic.

Kudos to Chief Uhl for his leadership and the courage that he has demonstrated to come forward to blow the whistle on this disturbing situation.

At some point, the state of New Jersey may need to implement formal over site over the County of Atlantic, much like they’ve done in Atlantic City.

It’s become a very dangerous situation that must be addressed.

Below is an email chain of various discussions about the COVID-19. It is lengthy. But, I’m releasing everything that has been provided to me (unedited) so that you can see what’s been going on here.

, Tom Culleny (tculleny@cityofatlanticcity.org) , Chief Uhl

We are awaiting word from the state, hopefully today that our site and plan was approved so we can then receive the vaccine and begin to roll out to responders. As soon as I know all of you will as well.

Stay safe.

Vincent J. Jones III, Chief of Staff
Atlantic County Department of Public Safety
Director, Office of Emergency Management
5033 English Creek Ave.
Egg Harbor Twp., N.J. 08234
Work: (609) 407-6740
Fax: (609) 594-3714
Cell: (609) 442-1592

; Tom Culleny (tculleny@cityofatlanticcity.org)
Subject: Re: Vaccine for EMS Community


Any update you can provide on this?

; Tom Culleny (tculleny@cityofatlanticcity.org)
Subject: RE: Vaccine for EMS Community


We have been working daily with the State OEM and Health and our County Health on finalizing our POD (Points of dispensing) sites as we anticipate the arrival of the first phase of the vaccine. While all of you are aware the initial shipment is limited in quantities and we are also aware that the second manufacturer will be granted approval very shortly which will allow for more individuals to be vaccinated who are listed in Phase 1-A group for which EMS is included. As we draw close to having our POD sites, both for Healthcare and for the general public approved by NJ DOH we will work to ensure that all of you and your respective staff are included.

These plans are ever changing due to the supply and the demand for the vaccine but please know that our office continues to advocate for the EMS and first responders to receive it. We are scheduled to get information as to Atlantic’s receipt of the vaccine either later today or tomorrow and once we receive that I will forward any and all information out to each of you.

Any questions please feel free to ask anytime of the day.

Stay safe and Healthy.

Vincent J. Jones III, Chief of Staff
Atlantic County Department of Public Safety
Director, Office of Emergency Management
5033 English Creek Ave.
Egg Harbor Twp., N.J. 08234
Work: (609) 407-6740
Fax: (609) 594-3714
Cell: (609) 442-1592

; Tom Culleny (tculleny@cityofatlanticcity.org)
Subject: Vaccine for EMS Community

Good afternoon; I hope this email find all of you healthy.

I am sure by now all of you have seen the news regarding the FDA EUA of Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine. We are learning that the vaccine is on its way to New Jersey Hospitals early this week. My thoughts for the group are twofold:

First will be directed at Vince and Barry; are there any talks or plans for getting our first responders dosed, particularly the EMS Community? We (Galloway) have created some internal policies about vaccinating our staff as it is clear from the data that sending everyone at once is not a good idea. I do not want to be creating policies unnecessarily if there are plans being put into place. If there are no plans currently being worked on, might I suggest this being done ASAP. While I don’t expect our community to be done within the first few weeks, certainly the plan should be for 45 to 60 days out.

My next thought is opinion however the questions I have need to be answered. Are EMS Personnel, healthcare workers or first responders? I guess it is in who you ask. My opinion and answer to that questions is YES and YES. No outside person(s) enters the clinical healthcare settings, hospitals, surgery centers and or physicians’ offices more than 9-1-1 and non-emergency EMS providers. So should I assume that EMTs and Paramedics will be considered healthcare providers and thus be vaccinated with the same priority as others in the healthcare field or will we be grouped into the later first responder doses? I do not think this group should take the wait and see approach. I believe we need to start working on this ASAP. I am free and available to assist in any way I can and think a meeting this week is in order to discuss and start working with whomever will secure vaccine doses for us and then vaccinate us. Let me conclude by saying that this is my attempt to advocate for our EMS Community and not sling mud at anyone group or persons. Setting everything else aside someone needs to advocate for this group so we do not get lost. We have been alone and navigating this pandemic for almost 10 months now, it’s not over yet but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Getting us vaccinated needs to be a focused priority.

Chuck Uhl

Chief of Department

Galloway Township EMS

State of New Jersey EMS Taskforce

300 East Jimmie Leeds Road

Galloway, NJ 08205

(609) 652-3700 Ext 206

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