A brave motorist and heroic New Jersey State Trooper saved two lives at mile marker 112 in Monmouth County recently. As you're reading this, I want you to think about what you would have done in this situation.

The New Jersey State Police posted a letter they got from a thankful citizen on their official Facebook page. She wanted to applaud the awareness and bravery of Trooper Jamarr Morris.

It all happened on the afternoon of Monday, August 23 on the southbound side of the Garden State Parkway.

The author wrote that she is always very cautious of deer that roam the sides of the GSP. While checking her surroundings, the motorist noticed two dogs and their eight-year-old owner running together in the woods. She wrote that they were headed directly for the Parkway.

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The concerned citizen went on to say that as a mother, she knew that if these dogs ran onto the Parkway, the young boy would absolutely follow them. That is what happened.

The driver made a split-second move to slow traffic to what she called "a dead stop" with the help of two other motorists. She admitted that this was not an easy decision to make, and admittedly, not the best.

What does one do now? Luckily, New Jersey State Trooper patrol car number 204 came to the rescue. It turns out that Officer Jamar Morris was a little over a mile ahead and likely noticed that the traffic behind him was stopped. According to this letter, the Tropper quickly turned his car around and found two loose dogs running all over the GSP, and the one eight-year-old boy who immediately froze in shock.

According to the letter, Officer Morris quickly and calmly took control of the scene. The young boy was able to only capture one dog as he only had one leash. Officer Morris grabbed the other dog and carried him. He took the young man to the Trooper vehicle. The woman said she could hear the Trooper asking the boy where he lived and what had happened.

New Jersey State Police
New Jersey State Police
New Jersey State Police
New Jersey State Police

The woman who wrote this amazing letter to the NJSP said that as Officer Morris passed her vehicle all she could say to him was "you are a hero." In the most touching part of the letter, she wrote:

And maybe we were all heroes that day, right down to the little boy who just didn't want to lose his dogs. But this was Officer Morris's scene that day! He took charge of what could have been an incredible tragedy on the Garden State Parkway. That young boy and his pups all put their heads on the pillow safely that night, as did we all!
Life never prepares us for these types of days! We all just lead with our hearts and calmness of mind! As I put my own head on the pillow on that Monday night I really wished I could have had a group hug and a moment with all these individuals.

Officer Morris, we are lucky to have you in New Jersey. I would also like to send my sincere appreciation to all of our brave men and women in law enforcement. Thank you.

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