First, I am imploring you to treat the next 1-2 weeks like your life depends it. Because it does.

Today, Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson is asking you stay at home as much as possible. I strongly disagree. I’m asking you not to leave your home at all for at least the next 1-2 weeks.

The United States Surgeon General has publicly stated that this week is our Pearl Harbor moment. Our 911 moment. If you knew in advance that a “Pearl Harbor” or 911 scale attack was going to take place, you’d get as far away as you can.

The “Pearl Harbor” - 911 strike of our time requires everyone to stay at home. Please practice 100 percent stay at home and social distancing recommendations.

24 more Atlantic County residents have tested positive for Covid-19 thus far today. This brings the Atlantic County total to 127.

The (24) cases reported today included 16 males, ages 19-79 and eight females, ages 39-78.

Atlantic County is doubling the number of reported positive cases every three days. To date, there’s been one death in Atlantic County.

Thank you to Linda Gilmore, Atlantic County Public Information Officer. She does a great job communicating daily.

Pat Diamond and the Atlantic County Department of Health has also been solid. Others in Atlantic County government have been surprisingly substandard. Disturbingly so.

Gilmore reports, “The CDC has issued new guidance regarding face coverings to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Simple cloth coverings including scarves and bandanas worn in public settings where other social distancing measures may be difficult to maintain may help prevent the release of any virus-laden particles into the air. But health officials also caution that such coverings should not provide a false sense of security. Keeping a safe distance from others is still the best defense.”

If you think you may be experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, there is a Symptom Checker available on to seek help.

Secondly, as you go about your lives in these very challenging times, please consider the following.

We are all susceptible to contracting this life-threatening virus in ways you wouldn’t and couldn’t possibly think of.

Here’s a case in point. A life-long resident of Atlantic County reached out to me this morning. He told me that he couldn’t think of any other reliable way to get the truth out.

I have been apprised that a Doctor from Pennsylvania has tested positive for the Coronavirus.

The couple left Pennsylvania to “quarantine” here in Atlantic County. I know the city, but, I’m only trying to educate and not panic anyone.

I have been advised that this individual “has been out on their front porch talking with passerby’s, who have been within 10 feet of them.”

That’s why I have consistently advised you not to rely on the statistics. Here is a positive COVID-19 case that does not show-up in our official Atlantic County statistics. it doesn’t even show-up in our state of New Jersey stats.

Remember what some of the most responsible people in our country are saying.

This week is our “Pearl Harbor.” Please treat it as such. Stay at home. Please at stay home. Pretty please stay at home. I would plan on this strategy to be your daily operating philosophy for at least the next two weeks.

We remain together, but, for now we are required to stay apart.

We are New Jersey Strong.

NOTE: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has confirmed that we will have an Atlantic County Coronavirus Testing Site effective, Tuesday, April 14, 2020.

Here’s a photo supplied by my friend, Lt. Colonel Mukesh Roy, MD., who has done a great job with the Ocean County testing site, which has been open for more than a week.

Atlantic County had been derelict in not making this happen sooner. Cumberland County has a testing site. And, one located in Cape May Courthouse has also been implemented.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small has relentlessly pushed for a Testing Site in Atlantic City.

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