Harry Hurley, Age 11 - Atlantic City Press Paperboy (December, 1971) Don P. Hurley photo (yes, even then)

I was thinking about great jobs that used to exist for children, that no longer available, today.

Today, I draw from my own experience of two great jobs that I had between ages 11-14 years old.

Miraculously, I have maintained copies of the only two photos ever taken of me doing these jobs:

  •  The Press of Atlantic City newspaper boy.
  • The Cat Rack at Million dollar Pier.

These are just two of the jobs that have been basically taken away from youngsters of today, forever.

Pictured is me as a paperboy and running the Cat Rack at Million Dollar Pier … by myself in 1974.

Harry Hurley - Million Dollar Pier - Cat Rack (1973) Don P. Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley, Age 11 - Atlantic City Press Paperboy (1971) Don P. Hurley photo.

Both jobs provided excellent life and business experience at such an early age.

It really helped prepare you for life.

Imagine (today) having full responsibility to run your own small business at ages 11-12 running your own business … delivering The Press of Atlantic City.

It was a real proving ground.

You were directly responsible to personally deliver a product, 365 days a year … and, had to collect and reconcile the funds each week.

You had to manage extreme heat, cold, snow, rain and wind on a daily basis.

These are two outstanding jobs for children that are gone forever.

Sad, isn’t it?

NOTE: Amusement piers still hire teenagers, but, I still think my point stands regarding the youngest teens and the level of responsibility given to them.


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