Many have been wondering, if you’re going to make your own face mask, what’s the best material to keep you safe?

We have turned to the United States Army for answers.

If you’re making your own face mask, the Army recommends using a four-ply microfiber cloth. This can usually be found in the cleaning supply area.

The Army tested materials and this microfiber fabric filters out more than 75% of particles. Some homemade face masks have filtered out less than 5-10 percent of particles.

By comparison, an N95 face mask that we hear so much about is reported to filter out up to 95 percent of particles.

Microfiber fabric is used for cleaning and polishing flat services.

The tests were conducted at the Army’s Chemical Biological Center. It’s so hard these days to find reliable information that you can depend on. I have full faith and trust in the United States Army.

The Army is one of the few that can reliably carry out these performing tests. The tests were done following the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health standards.

The microfiber cloth accomplishes the tough goal of having a material that blocks the virus particles while making it as comfortable as possible to breath through the face mask.

Now you know the best material to buy according to the Army. Let’s see how long it takes for microfiber cloth to join toilet paper, hand sanitizer and other items in becoming scarce to locate?

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