It is No Shave November, a movement to raise awareness and funds to fight cancer.

For the entire month of November, participants refrain from any sort of personal hair styling.

That means no haircuts, no salon visits, and absolutely no shaving. They save all the money they would have spent on personal grooming for charity.

Some No Shave November participants start a personal fundraising page to let their friends contribute to the cause, but most donate whatever they can directly to the No Shave November organization.

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So what does no shaving have to do with increasing cancer awareness?  Well, growing a beard is an in-your-face conversation starter. When people ask participants about their new facial hair, it’s a prime opportunity to educate them on what No Shave November is all about.

While it has always focused on men, women get into the act by skipping that salon appointment.

So, this No Shave November, put down that razor, save your money for donations, and start a conversation on cancer awareness.

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