If you are planning on spending the day at Estell Manor Park, checking on your tax audit or taking out a new book from the library, Friday will not be your day. Not in Atlantic County, anyway.

Most Atlantic County government offices will be closed on Friday, October 7 as county employees observe a furlough day, the second of five scheduled through the end of the year.

A furlough is a mandatory, non-paid day off intended to avoid layoffs in the wake of a county income shortfall due to Atlantic City tax appeal cases.

The Superior Court of New Jersey will remain open as well as many of the 24-hour county government operations such as the jail and the Meadowview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in addition to the animal shelter, county senior centers and transportation.

According to County Executive Dennis Levinson the furlough days became necessary to stabilize the county tax rate and avoid layoffs once the county was notified it would have to come up with an extra $3.4 million for Atlantic City tax appeals on top of the $7.3 million that had already been budgeted.

The October 7 closures will include the county library branches, but the following 24-hour operations will be accessible:

Elections, Mays Landing    (609) 645-5885
Meadowview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Northfield (609) 645-5955
Atlantic County Justice Facility, Mays Landing, (609) 645-5855
Office of Emergency Preparedness, Egg Harbor Township, (609) 272-9495
Transportation, Northfield  (609) 645-5910
Intergenerational Services, Northfield     1-888-426-9243
Public Health, Northfield    (609) 645-5935
Sheriff’s Office, Mays Landing, (609) 909-7200
Prosecutor’s Office, Mays Landing (609) 909-7800

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