In an exclusive interview Wednesday morning with Harry Hurley, Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno talked about her bid to become New Jersey's next governor, property taxes, and the state takeover of Atlantic City.

In her first official radio interview since announcing her candidacy for governor, Guadagno says the feedback she has received over the past week has been, "fabulous." The lieutenant governor went on to say that, "we're doing OK in New Jersey but we can do a lot better."

Closer to home, speaking about the state takeover of Atlantic City, Guadagno spoke highly of Mayor Don Guardian, Assemblyman Chris Brown, and Jeff Chiesa, who is running the show for the state.

Meanwhile, during Wednesday evening's Ask The Governor program on WPG, Governor Chris Christie stopped short of officially endorsing Guadagno for governor. Christie acknowledged that she was been a “good partner” to him politically as the state’s first person to hold the office, and that he has “great personal affection” for her. When asked by host Eric Scott if Guadagno would make a good governor, Christie said “sure,” but would not endorse her.

You can hear Harry Hurley's exclusive interview with Lt. Gov. Guadagno in its entirety here:

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